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Welcome to OGC, and our second edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Pugly! We’re doling out the best advice for the do’s and don’ts of home design, with this month’s focusing being on the bedroom. Yes, that wonderful, precious place where the magic happens: pure, unadulterated sleep! It’s one of the sweetest things in life, and also one of the most important. That’s why you need to make sure that your bedroom’s decor is as conducive to restful sleep as possible.


The Good


Here, you can see a bedroom that is perfect for sleeping. Just looking at it makes you think “Ahhh…”. With its plush upholstery and soothing mint green accents, the room is tranquil and cozy, but still light and fresh enough so that you wake up in an invigorating environment. This bedroom is one of many beautiful examples in a list from Huffington Post: 10 Serene Bedrooms


The Bad



While this bold, in-your face design may be perfect for a contemporary nightclub or an ultra modern lounge, it’s one of the worst types you can choose for a bedroom. The bright orange contrasting with the sterile white is anything but restful, in fact, it’s overly stimulating. Just try catching a few Z’s in here. You’re better off taking a shot of espresso! It’s been scientifically proven that colors affect our moods and energy levels. That’s why you should stick to calm, subdued tones in your bedroom, and save the big brights for more lively areas of your home.


The Pugly


Because every bit of home advice is better when it comes with a pugly pug!


What do you think of the examples above? Did you recently do a bedroom makeover of your own? We’d love to see the results! Share your photos and thoughts with us in the comments below, especially if you’ve got some great pugly pics of your own! And if you are interested in revamping your home’s style, contact us to get help from our expert interior design team!

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