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As modern home contractors, we’re always educating ourselves on ways that we can build better homes not only for you, but for the environment. Whenever we build a new home, we give you the option of using more sustainable building practices and materials. By providing this choice, we give you the chance to save money on construction and energy bills, and save the planet. To help you become more informed of the ways that

you can build a sustainable home, we’ve compiled this list of some of the many green home types. Check out each to learn which may be most suitable for your way of living.


Cob Homes



Cob homes have been around for centuries. Their low-cost, combined with the fact that they can be easily molded into any shape and space makes them a great choice for sustainability on a budget. Cob is a natural material that is resistant to fire and earthquakes, in addition to being able to naturally regulate interior temperatures. Because of the substance’s initial malleability, many cob homes feature beautiful sculpted designs and unique aesthetics.


Hemp Homes

Also a natural material, hemp shares many of the benefits of cob. Hemp homes are mold, fire, termite, and rot resistant, as well as non-toxic. They are also more sound-proof than traditional homes. Hemp homes are very energy efficient, meaning that residents can expect big savings on their heating and air bills.


Passive Homes

Passive homes are built to work with their environment to provide the highest degree of energy efficiency. By situating windows in a way that takes advantage of light and heat, using innovative ventilation methods, and leveraging effective insulation, passive homes eliminate the majority of the average homeowner’s energy costs.


Solar Homes

Prentiss Architecture

Prentiss Architecture

Solar homes use cutting edge technologies to provide their own source of energy. Some homes are completely self-sustainable thanks to their optimal solar panels, while others use the solar energy as a supplemental resource.


Earthship Homes

Earthship Biotecture

Earthship Biotecture

This up-and-coming home type uses recycled and organic materials from the local area. They also feature self-sustainable utilities such as solar panels, rainwater recycling systems, and crop gardens. Earthships have a unique look that varies with each construction. Official Earthships are currently only being constructed by Earthship Biotecture, but many architects are getting inspired by the company’s innovative sustainability solutions and designs.

Are you interested in building a sustainable home of your own, or renovating your traditional house to become more green? Contact us for a free quote. We’re excited to help you make our planet a better place to live.